ReCO2ver Incubator White Paper Webinar Series

Introduced by Dr. Kara Held, Ph.D.

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Baker’s white paper webinar series, now available on demand, is the source for cell culture professionals to learn about how the ReCO2ver rapid recovery incubator achieves optimal growth conditions and protects your research.

You’ll hear insightful talks from Kara Held, Ph.D., Baker’s Science Director, as she presents webinars on 3 white papers detailing the differentiating performance of the rapid recovery incubator.  Join her as explains how ReCO2vers integrated design approach helps solve some of the major issues facing incubators used for cell culture research.  Topics include Air Cleanliness and Recovery Speed, Eliminating the Edge effect, and Onboard H2O2 Vapor Biodecontamination in Incubators.