The importance of physiological oxygen in your cell culture environment

Baker Ruskinn is a world leader in “Physoxic” Cell culture, offering equipment to regulate and monitor oxygen in cell culture environments. 

Here, we will present our companies’ visions for mimicked in vivo cell culture solutions and the advantages of cell culture using Continuous Physiological Oxygen.

Dr. Clarke will discuss his experimental model for studying signal transduction in exercising skeletal muscle. He will present results showing that manipulating the atmospheric partial pressure of oxygen within a hypoxia workstation can be used to mimic intramuscular PO2, and that real-time monitoring of medium PO2 using a novel probe system can be used to infer oxygen consumption.

Speaker(s) name: Kara Held, Ph.D., Science Director, Baker Ruskinn and David Clarke, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University