Register for HypoxEU Live

September 11th - 13th, 2022 

LenoxSoft provides upgraded and advanced services to premium subscribers. There are a number of valuable features available, including: direct downloads, personalization, printable reports, advanced database searches, and access to our live webinar archives.

Subscribers can take advantage of special offers made by LenoxSoft or our partner companies. These may include discounts or other preferred offers on products, services, training, events, and more.

Register for the HypoxEU Live Event! 

Having seen the community that's been built from HypoxEU after just 3 virtual events, we are very excited to announce that we will be hosting an in-person event in September 2022. This event will be in Dublin, Ireland. 

More details will be released in the coming month to those who have registered to attend. Please fill out the form in completion to register for the event, we look forward to seeing you there!