Eliminating the Edge Effect with ReCO2ver™

Introduced by Dr. Kara Held, Ph.D.

     The inability to use the outer ring of wells in a microtiter or multiwell cell culture plate, commonly known as the Edge Effect, has been plaguing researchers for too long. This phenomenon is due to uneven evaporation of the media from these outer wells. Using the tightly controlled relative humidity and quick recovery time after a door opening event of the ReCO2ver™, we can virtually eliminate the Edge Effect seen in 96 and 384 well dishes when tested under extreme circumstances.

     Kara Held, Ph.D. brings an extensive knowledge of cell biology to The Baker Company. Prior to her coming on board, she was a Lab Manager, Safety Officer, and Researcher at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute working with iPS cell-derived motor neurons. She earned her Ph.D. at the University of Vermont and completed postdoctoral training at Yale University studying blood vessel regulation. Her recent experience in academic research brings a unique perspective, which she now applies toward product testing as a part of the New Product Development team.