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Improve Cell Adhesion by 25% with a Hypoxia Workstation

A common concern in cell culture is the effect of vibration that cells are exposed to from the integral fans of an incubated environment (e.g., CO2 incubator, hypoxia workstation, etc.). Vibration can have detrimental effects on the adherence of in vitro cell cultures, leading to lost lab productivity and increased costs.

This study provides evidence that the use of a hypoxia workstation fitted with rubber ferrules on the floor plate and an optional anti-vibration plate reduces vibration by up to 59% over a standard CO2 incubator, improving cell adhesion by more than 25% (p = 0.01). Combined with the benefits of providing a continuously-controlled physiologically-relevant atmosphere, this reduction in vibration can help improve cell yields and preserve sensitive cell lines.

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